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CG Golf

Est. 2023

In 2023, the Coast Guard assembled the Service's first-ever golf team and competed against the other military branches in the 2023 Armed Forces Golf Championship in San Diego, CA,

Coast Guard Sports Logo FINAL_edited.png

— Plank Owners —

Women's Roster:

Deaver, Danielle N PO1

Pirruccello, Laura K CPO

Teichert, Bethany A PO1

Men's Roster:

Baer, Joshua S LTJG

Marshall, Nicholas R PO2

Robson, Brian A CWO-4

Men's Roster:
Rudy, Zachary S PO2
Schlemeyer, Michae
l C PO2
Stephens, R Todd LCDR

Service Rep: Collins, Kenneth S CWO3

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