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CG Golf

Est. 2023

In 2023, the Coast Guard assembled the Service's first-ever golf team and competed against the other military branches in the 2023 Armed Forces Golf Championship in San Diego, CA. If you are an active duty member or reservist serving on active duty orders, join the MS Teams CG Golf channel to keep up with the latest developments and AFS tournament announcements.

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— Plank Owners —

Women's Roster:

Deaver, Danielle N PO1

Pirruccello, Laura K CPO

Teichert, Bethany A PO1

Men's Roster:

Baer, Joshua S LTJG

Marshall, Nicholas R PO2

Robson, Brian A CWO-4

Men's Roster:
Rudy, Zachary S PO2
Schlemeyer, Michae
l C PO2
Stephens, R Todd LCDR

Service Rep: Collins, Kenneth S CWO3

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