The Coast Guard recognizes sports as an essential part of health and physical fitness, which directly impacts the readiness of our workforce. In addition to the physical aspects of sports, athletic competition teaches teamwork, sacrifice and develops a will to win. Coast Guard MWR policy supports athletes by offering financial assistance to defray participation costs in sporting events authorized by the MWR Sports Grant program.


The program is available to Active Duty personnel. Each member may receive up to $400 in grants each NAF year (1 February through 31 January), not to exceed $200 for a single event, for no more than two events in the year. MWR will consider all requests for organized live and virtual events. The competition entry fee is fully reimbursable. However, travel expenses are no longer authorized to direct more funding to support additional service member requests.

CG Sports Grant (NAF Year 22)

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Due to the increased volume of sports grant requests, CSC-MWR will limit all NAF22 grants to one per person, not to exceed $100 per event.

Who is eligible?

Coast Guard Active Duty

What's covered by the sports grant?

The Sports Participation Grant program offsets individual competition entry fees. MWR does not reimburse team entry fees, memberships, league dues, licenses, training programs, equipment, etc.

Here are examples of activities that MWR supports (individual competitions):

Coast Guard Half Marathon; Ironman 70.3 Texas; Shamrock Marathon; Powerlifting Championship; Jiu-Jitsu Championship; CrossFit Competition (single event); Tough Mudder 5K (individual); Spartan Super 10K; Mountain Bike/Enduro Race.

Here are examples that MWR does not support (teams/fees/dues):

Softball Tournaments; Football Leagues; Ice Hockey Leagues; Roller Hockey Leagues; Hockey Shootouts; Lacrosse Events; Soccer Clubs; Kickball Leagues; Rugby Clubs; CrossFit Certifications; Coaching Dues; Event Judge Fees.