Coast Guard Gaming

Est. 2021

The Community Services Command (CSC) Morale, Well-being, and Recreation (MWR) partnered with the Coast Guard Recruiting Command (CGRC) to align the Coast Guard with the other services esports programs to support readiness, retention, and resiliency within the service. The commands established Coast Guard Gaming (CGG) to create an inclusive gaming community where all ages, ranks, and backgrounds can come together and share fun gaming experiences. It forms positive relationships, enhances the competitive spirit, and improves esprit de corps.


In 2021, the Warrior GMR Foundation staged its first gaming event, the RugbyTown Sevens Esports Cup, which featured an in-person competition between all military branches. The competition was held in conjunction with the annual Armed Forces Sports Rugby Championship and has paved the way for military gaming possibilities. It was the first event for CGG, who made an impressive showing and finished second place in the tournament.

Active Duty members interested in applying should join the CGG Discord to learn about opportunities and online qualifiers. CGG moderators manage the channel and advise CGRC of team selections upon command endorsements. Interested gamers can access the CGG Discord through personal devices at the link below.

Coast Guard Gamers should join the CGG Discord to keep up with the latest developments for the advertised schedule and other virtual gaming opportunities.

Image by Fredrick Tendong

CGG Philly Esports

1-3 April 2022

Philadelphia, PA

Armed Froces Dungeon Clash.jpg
Coast Guard Qualifiers - 1920x1080.png

Armed Forces Esports Championship

24-29 May 2022

San Antonio, TX


US Army's Dungeon Clash Invitational

15-17 July 2022

Fort Knox, KY

Defense Gaming Roster - US Coast Guard.png

Warrior GMR Series


17-22 August 2022

Glendale, CO

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CG Recruiting - CGG Rocket League
CG Recruiting - CGG Rocket League

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RugbyTown Sevens Esports Cup
RugbyTown Sevens Esports Cup

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