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MWR Awards

Program of the year

The objective of the Coast Guard MWR Awards Program is to recognize outstanding accomplishments of units of varying sizes, in supporting the mission readiness, retention, and resiliency of the Coast Guard family through Coast Guard MWR programs. This program includes two categories of CG MWR Awards—the Program of the Year Award and the MWR Professional of the Year (MWRPOTY) Award. Nominations are intended for units with MWR Programs, field units, and for MWR Professional’s within the award solicitation year.

  1. The MWR Program of the Year category is designed for units with MWR CAT B and C Business Activities.

  2. The Morale Program of the Year award category is designed for operational units and the delivery of morale events at units afloat and ashore.

  3. The MWR Professional of the Year will be awarded in two categories. Senior MWR Professional of the Year and Junior MWR Professional of the Year.

MWR Program of the Year

Winner, Runner Up

Large:       $4000, $1000   

Medium:  $3000, $1000

Small:       $1000, $500

Morale Program of the Year

Winner, Runner Up

Large:       $1000, $500   

Medium:  $1000, $500

Small:       $1000, $500

International Military Community

Executives Association (IMCEA) Awards

The IMCEA Awards Program is designed to recognize outstanding achievement and exceptional contributions to the MWR professional.  This is an excellent opportunity to recognize exceptional performers in your MWR Programs.  Each year, IMCEA offers awards to MWR professionals that distinguish themselves among their peers through demonstrated leadership and excellence in the conduct of military MWR operations.

National Recreation and Park

Association (NRPA) Awards

The NRPA National Awards are presented to individuals and agencies to recognize their efforts, both professional and personal, in the field of recreation.  Recipients are selected by the NRPA National Forum Awards Committee and are chosen for excellence in a variety of topics, including professional and voluntary service, programming, leadership, research, and public outreach.  These awards are presented annually at the NRPA Congress and Exposition and offer a unique and meaningful forum to recognize the contributions of our staff and colleagues that play a vital role in continually improving the quality of life for our service members and their families.

Internal Coast Guard Awards

The Directorate of Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership is responsible for the overall direction, management and planning, coordination and administration of the Coast Guard's Service-wide civilian human resources program. The Directorate advises Coast Guard senior leadership on a wide range of sensitive and vital issues extending to matters and policies involving management of civilian personnel, diversity management for the entire Coast Guard workforce, and leadership training opportunities for every segment of the Coast Guard workforce, including workforce analysis and planning for all Service components.

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