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MWR Capital Improvement Fund

The Non-Pay Compensation Program (NPCP) Board of Directors (BOD) approved a new MWR Capital Improvement Fund (CIF). The CIF will be used to support large scale MWR and Child Development Center (CDC) projects across the service in the Coast Guard’s continuing effort to best support the workforce and our families.  These funds will be Nonappropriated Funds (NAF), so there will be no fiscal year timing restrictions or requirements. ​

“The goal of this program is to maximize non-pay benefits of being a Coast Guard member,” said Capt. Jeff Eldridge, Commanding Officer of the Community Services Command (CSC), which runs the Coast Guard Exchange (CGX). “We hope this process will allow units to make lasting material improvements to their MWR programs, which will meet the overall intent of the Coast Guard MWR program to improve the readiness, retention and resiliency of the Coast Guard workforce.” 

The new initiative is intended to improve workforce morale, as part of the Coast Guard’s continuing effort to support the whole Coast Guard family.

Est. 2021


“Due to sustained limited, and dwindling budgets, the fitness center equipment has been pressed far beyond its expected lifespan.  As such, fitness expansion and equipment upgrades are frequently mentioned in surveys as well as brought up to Command.  Upgrading of equipment would have an immediate positive impact on personnel’s physical heath, stamina, and resilience to injury/fatigue as well as generally increasing morale.” 


““The CIF donations provided an invaluable financial resource that contributed to the well-being, quality of life and morale of our MWR patrons while enhancing our facility’s fitness capability in providing state-of-the-art cardio equipment and lastly, saving unit appropriated funds which can be earmarked for other MWR projects.”


“Sector Field Office Grand Haven is beyond thankful for the CIF to build a physical fitness center. Not only does the fitness center greatly improve the lives of the military members and their families, it also impacts the wellness and readiness of the hundreds of Coast Guard men and women that attend Ice Water Rescue school (held at SFO Grand Haven)”.


“The CIF program is an amazing initiative that has long last effects on the health and wellbeing of our Coast Guard members and families in the Cleveland area. Thank you”.


“A huge thank you to CSC and the CIF foundation for the unbelievable gift to update Sector Sault Ste Marie’s gym. The fitness center has great impact on Sector Sault Ste Marie’s resiliency, especially during COVID. Thank you”!

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