CG Sports

The Coast Guard actively participates in the Armed Forces Sports Program as a member of All-Navy Sports teams against teams from the Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force (except rugby) in the Armed Forces Championships. Armed Forces Sports allows active duty members a chance to represent the Coast Guard in higher-level athletic competition through team and individual sports.


Armed Forces Sports

"To promote goodwill and a positive image of the Armed Service; provide incentive and encouragement of physical fitness through competitive sports; provide a venue for military athletes to participate in national and international competitions; and to engage in valuable military-to-military opportunities with CISM member nations through sport.  Lastly, AFS program directly contributes to the recruitment, retention, and readiness of Service members."

“Endorsing friendship amongst soldiers, CISM is the worldwide international military sport organization devoted to bringing together armed forces personnel from all nations through sports activities, thus enabling the physical training, military readiness and education for the armed forces.”