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CWO3 Kenneth Collins

Jan 3, 2024

Navy trials/Armed Forces competitions are open to all Coast Guard members on active duty.

ALCGPSC 003/24


A. CG Morale, Well-Being, and Recreational Manual, COMDTINST M1710.13 (series)

1. This announcement highlights the opportunity for Coast Guard service members on active duty to participate in the Armed Forces Sports (AFS) program with further potential to represent the United States military through international sports competitions. It emphasizes that the Coast Guard Sports Office facilitates member participation on Coast Guard and Navy service teams.

2. In 2023, Coast Guard Sports received 141 AFS applications. The Navy selected 14 athletes to compete in basketball, softball, wrestling, triathlon, marathon, and cross country. Coast Guard Rugby chose 34 athletes to compete in the AFS Rugby Championships. CG Golf selected 9 athletes to compete in the AFS Golf Championship. AFS also sanctioned esports, and Coast Guard Gaming picked 7 members to compete in the AFS Esports Championship.

3. The AFS program is open to active duty personnel and reservists serving on active duty orders. It provides an excellent opportunity for athletes to pursue athletic goals and represent the Service through a highly competitive military sports program that promotes goodwill, unity, and camaraderie in valuable military-to-military competitions.

4. Navy trials/Armed Forces competitions are open to all Coast Guard members on active duty. The Navy MWR website advertises the anticipated 2024 schedule and application due dates. Due to increased planning requirements, dates and locations are subject to change, and the website will provide the most current information. You can view the All-Navy Sports calendar and download the Coast Guard Sports application through the following link.

5. Qualified athletes may submit their command-endorsed application to Coast Guard Sports for consideration. Commands are encouraged to support the AFS program as participation on a military team brings credit to our service members and the United States military. If a member is selected, CSC or Navy Sports provides the funding for members to compete, with the expectation that members chosen will participate in higher-level competitions that may follow.

6. You can learn more about Coast Guard Sports, connect with leadership, and join the Coast Guard Gaming discord by visiting the MWR website through the link below. Expect to see Coast Guard-specific messaging for opportunities to compete in CG Rugby, CG Golf, and CG Gaming in the following months.

7. Submit command concerns and endorsed applications to the Coast Guard Sports Director: CWO3 Kenneth Collins;

8. Released: RDML R. E. Dash, Commander, Personnel Service Center, sends.

9. Internet release authorized.

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