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  • Can a unit use MWR funds to buy alcohol?
    There are no prohibitions with the use of morale funds to purchase alcohol as long as the type of alcohol purchased is IAW CG Regs, which is currently beer, wine, or ale; no hard liquor (i.e., rum, scotch, vodka, and the like). Only CSC can grant authorization to purchase "any" type of alcoholic beverage using NAF/morale funds. This authorization is typically granted to Clubs, Snack Bars, and/or Restaurants.
  • If we contract an instructor to teach dance or any lessons to minors, will they need the tier one check just like the staff, or is that just for direct employees?"
    CIM 1710.13D does require "contracted services/individuals," providing recreational services to children under the age of 18, undergo a Tier I background check. The background investigation will be the same as conducted for CDC employees. Further, employees or contractors may be allowed to begin employment or contract execution before the documentation of a successful background investigation as long as they stay in a continuous, direct line of sight of an employee with a documented successful background check. This said, this guidance only applies to kids under the age of 18 not accompanied by their parents or guardians to a "staged/targeted (group)" event or activity. To minimize risk and investigative background check requirements, we typically recommend that all kids under 18 attending recreational staged/targeted events or activities "must" be accompanied by their parent or guardian. Question go to app settings and press the "Manage Questions" button.
  • I am interested in offering Bingo once a month. I intend to charge an entry fee and, instead of cash prizes, give gift cards and other items. I know this is a Cat C; however, I do not think this will be a feasible full-time venture. Can I do this as planned? Just once a month?"
    Yes, you can stage Bingo as planned if ref (a) is followed as it applies to conducting a Bingo event. In addition and IAW ref (b), you must first get CSC authorization to establish this Category C MWR activity, regardless of the frequency of Bingo events. This said, before you spend a lot of admin time to set this up and if you have not done so already, I’d recommend first running this idea pass your command for concurrence and your Serving Legal Office for a legal opinion on conducting bingo games, for prizes, onboard your unit and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. After which, we can look at the possibility of allowing your command to “test the interest of patrons” before formally standing Bingo up at your unit as a Cat C MWR activity. Ref: CIM 1710.13D, (a) Chap 5.C.6, and (b) 6.G.4
  • The residential housing/MWR facility would like to install a small metal fire pit. Would MWR allow it? Do USCG MWR campsites have fire pits? The Housing policy very clearly restricts this activity, but what about if it were on the MWR portion of the complex?"
    Units operating temporary lodging facilities or recreational cottages shall be guided by the health and safety requirements of the Coast Guard Housing Manual, COMDTINST M11101.13 (series). Therefore as MWR Program Manager, we cannot supersede current Housing policies, especially as it applies to safety. You should consult HSWL to get their take on this since the CG's Safety and Environmental Health Manual, COMDTINST M5100.47 (series), is in HSWL's lane, not MWR. Ref: CIM 1710.13D, Chap 1.F.18
  • The command wants to pay a janitorial service to clean our CAT C lodging rooms using NAF funds. APF is not authorized to do this. Is there any regulation on using NAF funds to do this? How do we pay them with NAF if they are on an APF contract? I believe they want us to use the current base-wide contracted janitorial service.
    CIM 1710.13D, Encl (5).13.e guides the authorization to use APF or NAF for janitorial services. Yes to Cat A and B; no to Cat C (only NAF funds); there is a process to reimburse the APF contract account with NAF.
  • Could MWR sponsor a low-cost event by private associations (PA) on government installations with NAF (under $200) that benefits the entire community? Provided it is not a fundraiser for the PA. Since the PA is acting in a volunteer capacity, would this be permissible?"
    Section 9.e.(3) states - Use of Coast Guard appropriated or non-appropriated funds are not authorized to support spouses' clubs. Per Reference (e), the morale fund, when available, may help fund activities that are for the benefit of all unit members. The "morale funds" are unit morale funds given to each unit based on the number of AD on their PAL. NAF should not be provided to PAs to purchase goods/services that will assist in their fundraising, even if it is for an event that may benefit the whole community.
  • Can we pay an insurance invoice with appropriated funds?
    Since this is a NAF expense associated with your Cat C MWR food and beverage activity, APF funding support is not authorized to pay insurance premiums. Ref: CIM 7010.5C, Chap 6.A.2
  • Can you use unit morale funds for the purchase of departing/farewell items?
    IAW ref (a), farewell/departing gifts are not authorized with the use of morale funds. IAW ref (b), units may use APF to support "informal recognition'' initiatives for departing members to receive such items as medals, plaques, certificates, and the like as long as procedures are followed. Ref: (a)CIM 1710.13D, Chap 6.C.3.d, and (b) CIM 7100.4A, Chap 5.0, 5.2
  • Can you use MWR funds to support LDAC activities?
    Since the LDAC is not an MWR program or activity, funding support for cultural days and events is prohibited. That said, the LDAC and the unit's morale committee may stage a joint "all hands" event for this purpose. Ref: CIM 1710.13D, Chap 6.C.5
  • Can I purchase $25 gift cards using morale funds and distribute them to each member as a holiday gift?  Due to the Covid situation locally, we could not do anything for CG Day, and now it is the holiday season."
    While there are no prohibitions against the purchase of gift cards for the crew or other eligible patrons, we encourage using CGX to re-invest into our morale fund distributions.
  • What happens if an activity cannot pay an Unemployment Benefits bill from the state?
    Ref: (a) CIM 1710.13D, Chap 6.A.2 With the potential closure of Cat B & C MWR activities with NAF employees in mind, the pandemic situation is another perfect example of why ref (a) was implemented, which "requires commands to maintain at least 3 pay periods of cash reserves to cover NAF personnel expenses." This is only a benchmark. Based upon weekly unemployment benefits by State, 3 pay periods of cash reserves for any program may be inadequate, especially if unemployment is long term. Recommend you verify with your State's unemployment services office or your CSC NAF payroll assistant to determine and budget accordingly for these costs, in addition to asking, "what is your command's liability if unable to pay unemployment claims?"
  • Can USCG Auxiliary members purchase Disney Salute Military Tickets?
    As a general rule, the CG Auxiliary are eligible MWR patrons for the CG. However, they are NOT eligible for the Disney Military Salute Ticket. The Disney Salute Ticket is mandated by the following requirements of which the CG AUX are not part of: Eligible Service Members: active or retired members of the U.S. Military, including the National Guard, Reservists, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service (PHS), and the Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Spouses of Military Service Members also qualify if they are able to present valid and active U.S. Military IDs in the absence of active or retired Military Personnel or Commissioned Corps Members. They are eligible to buy other Disney ticket offerings sold from MWR, just not that particular one.
  • Can unit morale funds be used to support unit Mascots?
    While station and unit mascots are a great tradition within the CG, providing support for these animals does not qualify as a necessary expense that may be charged to O&S funds or non-appropriated funds. All support costs (e.g., food, veterinary fees) for unit mascots must be borne by individual members of the unit on a voluntary basis, and must not be charged to appropriated funds or unit morale funds.
  • Is there a way for me to check if a shipmate fund requested item (July2018) is/was funded? I understand that the CG Foundation does not necessarily fund in the order that CG prioritized.
    If the CG Foundation finds a donor, you will be notified within 2-3 days. If you were not contacted, then chances are that you were not selected by a donor.
  • I am putting together a FY 2020 Shipmate Fund unit was on the approved list for FY 2019, can I assume that at this point that all FY 2019 funds have been dispersed? I just want to make sure that I don't ask for the same items if there is still a chance for them to get funded in this FY."
    Any item(s) previously submitted for the Shipmate Fund must be re-submitted if the unit still desires the item(s). The previous Shipmate Fund list will no longer be valid once the list generated from the new ALCOAST is approved.
  • My CG UNIT was listed to receive funds for the requests below last year.  Do you know if any were sent to MY UNIT?  We never received funds, so I'm checking on what happened.  Also, I’m asking to make sure we didn’t miss them somehow and to inform my Morale Officer on what to put in for this year."
    If the CG Foundation finds a donor, you will be notified within 2-3 days. Remember this is a “wish list,” a lot of people mistaken this list because they see “approved” and believe it is a guarantee to receive funds (if available) almost like it is an end of the Fiscal Year fall out funds purchase. But this is not the case, it is only an approval to receive the gift offer. A donor would still need to select their number off the list and be willing to donate the funds for their unit to receive an offer.
  • I was wondering if you have any insight into what number the on the D13 list was funded to.  I submitted an item, #14 and wondered if I should resubmit this go around."
    Donors can pick whomever they want to donate to. The CG prioritizes them numerically but at the end of the day it’s the Donors right to pick who they want to give funds too.
  • What is the limit on the amount I can request?
    Requests must be limited to items of value between $250 and $25,000. Requests for construction, services, and memberships will not be considered.
  • Who do I submit my new Shipmate Fund request to?
    In order to align with the CGF's request to consolidate by District, designated MWR staff at Bases Alameda, Boston, Cleveland, Honolulu, Kodiak, New Orleans, Miami Beach, Portsmouth and Seattle will identify a POC to receive, consolidate, and prioritize requests from all Coast Guard units in their geographic AORs, including, but not limited to Sectors, Districts, Areas, and HQ units. D1: CIV Jennifer Young (617) 223-3467 or D5: CIV Sandra Hardison (757) 483-8671 or D7: CIV Stephen Ondriezek (305) 535-4564 or D8: CWO Christopher Hedrick (504) 253-4795 or D9: CWO Brandi Klause (216) 902-6282 or D11: CIV Laurie Capp-Carter (510) 437-3579 or D13: CIV James Graddy (206) 217-6357 or D14: CIV Neil Morgan (808) 842-2953 or D17: CIV Richard Carmen (907) 487-5390 or
  • Can I request critical operation equipment?
    Requests are limited to items not categorized as critical to CG operations or support. Shipmate funding is not an alternative funding source for required infrastructure, safety, or mission-related equipment or material. Examples of items that have been denied funding previously are professional development materials, Unaccompanied Personnel Housing furniture, Government-owned housing items, construction projects, and office equipment. Requests should focus on items to support the physical fitness, morale, and recreational needs of Coast Guard commands. Items in support of Coast Guard Child Development Centers are also authorized.
  • Where can I find the approved shipmate fund spreadsheet?
    One the list is approved you can find it on the Community Services Command CG Portal site under Shipmate Fund
  • Can I request jets skis or morale boat?
    Requests for motorized MWR boats will not be entertained. Small human-powered craft such as kayaks, paddleboats, etc., will be considered.
  • Where is the spreadsheet for me to put my requests on?
    Submissions must be made using the Excel spreadsheet template found at the following web site: Units must download the template and save the spreadsheet before filling it out. For each item, fill out Columns B through H. Place the quantity in Column K. After submit to your District AOR POC.
  • Who is eligible to receive a sports grant?
    Coast Guard Active Duty
  • How do I apply for a sports grant?
    To secure funding, submit sports grant requests via email to the CSC MWR POC with the subject line: CG Sports Grant - followed by your last name. Include the following information in your email request. a. Competition applied for; b. Sport; c. Date of event; d. Location of the event; and e. Cost of registration/entry fee; MWR will only consider requests received through the domain.
  • I received approval for a sports grant. Can I be reimbursed for travel to the competition?
    The entry fee for the competition is fully reimbursable, and travel-related expenses (transportation and lodging) are reimbursable by 50% for travel performed further than 100 miles from an athlete's residence.
  • When will I receive payment for the approved grant?
    We process payments throughout the entire NAF year, typically in the order received. There are several hundred to work through, so please remain patient. If you have not received payment 90 days following your submission, reach out to the program manager to ensure there are no errors in processing.
  • If I receive approval for the sports grant, how much may I receive?"
    The max reimbursement is $200 per event, not to exceed $400 in a NAF year. To give an example, let's say you receive grant approvals for two competitions, one with a $400 entry fee and the other at $50. Your reimbursement will be $250. The first event will reach the cap at $200, and the second event is refundable at $50. You remain eligible to request additional grants for the remaining $150 in the NAF year. However, once NAF MWR sports grant funding is exhausted, you are placed on a supplemental list in order approved. If the program receives additional funds, we resort to this list for payments.
  • How do I submit a payment request for my APPROVED GRANT?
    After you complete the event, request payment by submitting the MWR Sports Grant Payment Request. 1. Complete all fields listed on page 1 2. After you complete page 1, digitally sign the memo and save 3. Once the memo is signed, use the submit button to auto-generate an email 4. In that email, attach your payment receipts and/or other supporting documentation All requests must be submitted from the domain; otherwise, the request will be denied.
  • Who currently manages the sports grant program?
    Route all questions and concerns regarding this program to the CSC MWR POC: CWO3 Kenneth Collins;
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