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CWO3 Kenneth Collins

Jan 24, 2022

NAF year 2022 is suspended. MWR will release NAF year 2023 guidance in January for events occurring after 1 February 2023. Keep an eye out for the ALCGPSC.

ALCGPSC 013/22


A. Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being and Recreation Manual, COMDTINST M1710.13 (series)

1. The Coast Guard recognizes sports as an essential part of health and physical fitness, which directly impacts the readiness of our workforce. In addition to the physical aspects of sports, athletic competition teaches teamwork, sacrifice and develops a will to win. Coast Guard MWR policy supports athletes by offering financial assistance to defray participation costs in sporting events authorized by the MWR Sports Grant program.

2. The program is available to Active Duty personnel. Each member may receive up to $400 in grants each NAF year (1 February through 31 January), not to exceed $200 for a single event, for no more than two events in the year. Community Services Command (CSC) will consider all requests for organized live and virtual events. The competition entry fee is fully reimbursable. However, travel expenses are no longer authorized to direct more funding to support additional service member requests.

3. CSC MWR implemented a new customer-friendly program to submit sports grant requests and electronic payments via Zelle this year. ThinkLP is an application that CSC MWR utilizes for various activities, and leveraged this platform to better track member requests, supplemental lists, and financial obligations. CSC MWR also implemented Zelle as the exclusive payment method to eliminate checks and improve the timeliness of disbursements.

4. To streamline the application process and encourage more participation, CSC MWR eliminated the requirement to route grant requests via memo with command endorsement and approval by MWR cognizant authority. If you are interested in a sporting event, access ThinkLP through the link below and submit the sports grant request. There's no requirement to pay registration first; submit the request when interested in an event to secure funding. CSC MWR will obligate the funds and provide reimbursement guidance upon approval. Request a sports grant via ThinkLP using the access code SGNAF22 at:

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5. The use of Zelle is mandatory to receive payments. Access Zelle through the link below to verify that your financial institution accepts this form of payment. When submitting the sports grant request, you must provide your Zelle account information.

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6. Route all questions and concerns regarding this program to the CSC MWR POC: CWO3 Kenneth Collins; The changes mentioned in this announcement will be included in the next revision of reference (a).

7. Released: RDML S.N. Gilreath, Commander, Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for our most important resource – Our People.

8. Internet release authorized.

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