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Michael Criswell

Mar 8, 2023

The Non‐Pay Compensation Program Board of Directors (NPCBOD) approved the MWR CIF.

ALCGPSC 034/23


A. ALCOAST 282/22
B. Coast Guard Morale, Well‐Being, and Recreation Manual, COMDTINST
M1710.13 (series)
C. Coast Guard Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities (NAFI) Manual,
COMDTINST M7010.5 (series)
D. Civil Engineering Manual, COMDTINST M11000.11 (series)
E. Child Development Services Manual, COMDTINST M1754.15 (series)
F. Navy and Marine Corps Child Development Centers, FC 4‐740‐14N 2014
G. Public Playground Safety Handbook, U. S. Consumer Product Safety
Commission #325 (Latest Design Criteria)

1. Per reference A, the Non‐Pay Compensation Program Board of Directors (NPCBOD) approved the MWR CIF.

2. In reference A, the Community Services Command (CSC) solicited for CIF projects, which resulted in 173 project submissions from Coast Guard units totaling $13.2M. 79 of the 173 projects were selected this year by the MWR Capital Investment Board (CIB) totaling $4.718M. The criteria for project selection were an important part of the CIB’s selection process. The overall intent was to provide an equitable distribution of projects across the Coast Guard while focusing on CAT A&B activities since they have been historically underfunded across the service; however, CAT C’s with Business Case Analysis (BCA) were considered along with the following factors: size of the district for apportionment of the available funding, District priorities, size of unit and impact of the project, the ability to execute the funding in a timely manner (projects for equipment purchases executed in FY23 and projects for construction executed in a 2 year window), units with prior year projects were considered lower priority, units with projects pending were considered lower priority and units that did not provide unused funds from FY22 back to CSC were considered lower priority.

3. Funding for the approved MWR projects were electronically transferred by the CSC to MWR accounts using the regular MWR funds distribution process, as defined in reference B. Commands in receipt of funds for their CIF project should act expeditiously to facilitate the timely execution of the project. If the actual costs are more than the amount awarded, the unit must cover the additional cost with funds as determined by the unit's budget and/or procurement office. If the unit is unable to cover the additional costs, the funding must be returned to the CSC. If the actual costs are less than funds received, the unit must return the remaining funds to the CSC. Substitutions of projects are not authorized. To view the complete
2023 CIF Award list, please copy and paste into browser.

4. All procurements must be made in accordance with reference C. Items that meet the requirements for inclusion on the unit property records must be recorded in Oracle Fixed Assets Module as required. Items procured with these funds will be recorded as appropriated fund property. All procurement information will need to be forwarded to CSC upon completion.

5. All construction projects that recapitalize or improve Coast Guard owned facilities must be executed in accordance with reference D, and in close coordination with the Facility Asset Manager at the servicing Civil Engineering Unit. Construction projects that cannot be executed at the unit level will need to be coordinated within the Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC) Regional Planned Obligation Prioritization (R‐POP) planning process. The Mission Readiness Product Line Manager (SILC‐MRPL) is engaged in this program and will be able to assist.

6. All projects shall be executed in accordance with references D‐G.

7. Lastly, to streamline the process from FY22, we require that each unit, who receives an awarded project, submit updates on your progress when requested and that you provide all procurement documentation regarding this project to your MWR Regional Director when this project is completed. MWR Regional Directors will review for completeness, compile all paid receipts, before and after photos, and send all at once to Mr. Criswell at CSC before 1 Jul 2023. We appreciate all the submissions again this year. If your project was not selected, you will have an opportunity to re‐submit for that project next year. Any questions may be directed to or to the appropriate cognizant authority for MWR purposes. POCs by district:

D1: CIV Jennifer Young (617) 223‐3467
D5: CIV Jeffery Wapner (757) 483‐8671
D7: CIV Stephen Ondriezek (305) 535‐4564
D8: CWO Robert Arseneaux (504) 253‐4795
D9: CWO Megan Johnson (216) 902‐6282
D11: CIV Laurie Capp‐Carter (510) 437‐3579
or Laurie.A.Capp‐
D13: CIV James Graddy (206) 217‐6357
D14: CIV Neil Morgan (808) 842‐2953
D17: CIV Joseph Dermer (907) 487‐5059
SILC‐MRPL: LCDR Daniel Lagdon (510) 637‐5502
CSC: Mr. Michael Criswell (757) 842‐4926

8. Released: RDML D. C. Barata, Commander, Personnel Service Center, sends.

9. Internet release is authorized.

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