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CWO3 Kenneth Collins

Mar 20, 2024

I am pleased to announce the 2023 Coast Guard Elite Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

ALCGPSC 042/24
A. Coast Guard Morale, Well‐Being and Recreation Manual, COMDTINST M1710.13 (series)
B. EAOY Solicitation, ALCGPSC 135/23

1. I am pleased to announce the 2023 Coast Guard Elite Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

2. The Coast Guard Elite Female Athlete of the Year is PO3 Adair Gennocro, stationed at Base Alameda, CA.

3. PO3 Gennocro distinguished herself in the sport of running with a significant presence in the Armed Forces Sports running community. PO3 Gennocro was last year’s elite athlete runner‐up; this year she added to her accolades by earning a fifth All‐Navy team selection within her initial two years in the Coast Guard. Assuming the prestigious role of All‐Navy Marathon Team Captain, PO3 Gennocro emerged as the top scoring Navy runner and led the Navy team to a remarkable silver‐medal podium finish in the 2023 Armed Force Marathon Championship. Her finish time secured the fourth‐best position amongst Armed Forces Sports athletes, narrowly missing an individual podium placement. Additionally, the Armed Forces event, held in conjunction with the iconic Marine Corps Marathon, showcased her impressive finish by placing 19th among 5,463 female runners. Beyond her athletic achievements, PO3 Gennocro made a significant impact in the community as a dedicated volunteer. She invested numerous hours with the Alameda County Food Bank and actively contributed to food distribution at St. Anthony’s Church, supporting the San Francisco Fleet Week community outreach activities. PO3 Gennocro is an exemplary model in all areas; she distinguished herself in athletics, professionalism, and community outreach.

4. The Coast Guard Elite Male Athlete of the Year is CPO Deren Perez, stationed at Recruiting Office Guam.

5. CPO Perez distinguished himself in the sport of ninja warrior, with his talents showcased on "American Ninja Warrior" for the fourth time. As a National Finalist, he secured second place in two countries and earned gold medals in five others including the USA, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, and Guam. He also reached the finals in the male elite division in Australia and played a vital role securing a gold medal for the team event in the Australian Ninja Challenge League. CPO Perez's remarkable victory at the Malaysian Ozone Games 2023 solidified his status as an international sensation, being the only competitor to complete every obstacle against 15 other countries. Chosen to represent Guam as part of the Guam National Climbing Team, he was invited to Melbourne, Australia to partake in an Olympic qualifier for bouldering, showcasing his determination and strength. This significant accomplishment positions him as a potential contender for the 2024 Olympics. Beyond his athletic achievements, CPO Perez recognized the need for a training facility
and opened Guam's first Ninja Warrior gym, fostering a community that produced 14 members of the Guam National Team. He is a Level 2 certified Ninja Warrior coach and serves as president of the Guam Ninja Federation and the Guam Parkour Federation. His community involvement included over 150 hours of non‐profit endeavors, volunteer event organization, and over 50 hours contributed to various community initiatives. His outstanding accomplishments garnered extensive media coverage, celebrating success in both sports and his distinguished military career. CPO Perez's journey serves as an ongoing inspiration for youth and local communities.

6. The runner‐up Elite Female and Male Athletes are LTJG Maeve Roach, Cyber Command, for her achievements in triathlon, and LTJG Thomas Slattery, Personnel Services Center, for his achievements in running.

7. These athletes have distinguished themselves in their respective sports and are outstanding role models on the job and in their communities.

8. I would like to thank all the commands that submitted nominations for the Elite Athletes of the Year Award.

9. The EAOY selection board consisted of the following members:
- Matt Perciak, Community Services Command (MWR)
- CWO3 Kenneth Collins, Community Services Command (CG Sports)
- MCPO Marques Johnson, Personnel Services Center
- LT Ingrid Gonzalez, Training Center Yorktown
- CPO Syreeta Bromfield, Recruiting Office San Francisco

10. RDML R. E. Dash, Commander, Personnel Service Center, sends.

11. Internet release authorized.

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