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CWO3 Kenneth Collins

Nov 24, 2021

Annually, the Coast Guard recognizes an elite male and female athlete for excellence in their chosen sport(s).

ALCGPSC 125/21


A. Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation Manual, COMDTINST M1710.13D

1. Annually, the Coast Guard recognizes an elite male and female athlete for excellence in their chosen sport(s). These athletes demonstrate exceptional professionalism in their primary duties and community service, making them outstanding role models. This program is a perfect opportunity for commands to recognize the hard work and dedication of active-duty Coast Guard members who have achieved the highest levels of athletic performance.

2. This announcement solicits nominations for the Elite Male and Female Athletes of the Year (EAOY) for 2021. The period of consideration is 1 Jan 2021 through 31 Dec 2021. Nominations must arrive at the Community Services Command (CSC) no later than 15 Jan 2022.

3. New this year is a customer-friendly format that will enable all units to enter their athlete's accomplishments into a standard 7-page PowerPoint slide deck. MWR created this tool to simplify and standardize award submissions, lessen the time required to complete documentation, and enhance a unit's creativity to capture the most influential aspects of achievements. The EAOY slide deck aligns with the award criteria and is the only acceptable format. Do not add or delete any slides from the template.

4. The Chain of Command submits a 1-page memorandum and the EAOY slide deck to CSC to nominate an athlete. The nomination package should be sent to CSC from the unit commanding officer or officer-in-charge, focusing on the year of eligibility. No other
feedback will be required or considered.

5. All nominations must be submitted using the EAOY template available at:

(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)

Commands must address the following criteria, as applicable:
a. Athletic Achievements: Describe events, times, competitions, finishes, records, or other notable acts that characterize an elite athlete.
b. Professional Achievements: Describe competencies, collateral duties, education, leadership, or other unique factors in one's professional capacity or development.
c. Community Service: Describe actions that contribute to the betterment of an organization, community, group, or affiliation. While community service is not a requirement, the positive influences might benefit during the selection process.
d. Uniform Appearance: Provide a photograph of the athlete wearing the Service Dress uniform. Athletes should find a suitable background when capturing the photo. If your athlete is selected, CSC will advertise the image through social media and publish it on the MWR website.
e. Action Photos: Provide a photograph or photographs of the athlete in competition or training. There is no limit to the number of photos. Arrange pictures as favored in the slide allotted.

6. High-quality images may cause the file size to exceed email accessibility. DoD SAFE is a tool for sending large files and may be used to submit nomination packages. The interface allows you to exchange unclassified files up to 8.0 gigabytes and is accessible at:

(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)

7. Submit questions, command concerns, and command endorsed packages to the CSC MWR POC: CWO3 Kenneth Collins;

8. Released: RDML S.N. Gilreath, Commander, Personnel Service Center. The Service Center for our most important resource - Our People.

9. Internet release authorized.

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