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MyCG - Calling all Coast Guard Gamers!

CWO3 Kenneth Collins

Apr 6, 2023

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April 6, 2023
Calling all Coast Guard gamers!
By Zach Shapiro, MyCG Writer

Attention Coastie gamers! Coast Guard Gaming (CGG) continues its annual participation in esports competition. Now is your chance to put your skills to the test and join the growing CGG community.

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kenneth Collins is the Coast Guard Sports program manager and a strong advocate for this up-and-coming, cutting-edge initiative. "It's an opportunity that never really existed in the Coast Guard," said Collins, a member of the Community Services Command, Morale, Well-Being and Recreation (CSC MWR). "CGG allows our most competitive gamers a platform to display some incredible skill sets in front of thousands of viewers. And even if you aren't a competitive gamer, we've formed a community through our Discord channel that connects like-minded shipmates from all over the Coast Guard."

Coast Guard Recruiting Command (CG RC) will fund members chosen to represent the Coast Guard in fiscal year 2023 military esports competitions. Last year, CGG competed in various in-person military esports competitions including the Call of Duty Endowment (CODE) Bowl between American and British military services.

CCG’s success and growth have special personal meaning for Collins. “I know there are skeptics out there – myself included – but when I saw the communication, teamwork, and passion our gamers display on the big stage, I became an avid supporter,” he said. “And the fanbase, you should see all the spectators who show up for these events – it's just wild!”

Collins was also struck by the range of members represented on the gaming team: “Another thing to catch my attention is the diversity of our gamers; our active duty teams featured officers and enlisted, with almost half of our enlisted rates represented.”

Interested in joining the community? Join the CGG Discord to learn more about how to get involved and to sign up for online qualifiers. You can access the Discord on your personal devices here.

If you have any questions, please contact Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kenneth Collins, CG Sports program manager, or Petty Officer 2nd Class Claudio Giugliano, esports coordinator. For more information, please see Coast Guard Gaming Participation in 2023 Esports Competitions ALCGPSC 019/23.

Coast Guard Gaming Participation in 2023 Esports Competitions ALCGPSC 019/23

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